The Power of ZZZ’s

Tired? Stressed? Having trouble sleeping because you are stressed?

At HeartSpace Circle, we know that in our busy world it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves for our own self care, rest or healing.

We also know and understand the power of stillness and the importance of being able to calm and center ourselves during times of high stress or challenge. For this reason, we include mindfulness and wellness tools in all our events.

We are so excited to add Yoga Nidra to our offerings. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that allows the body to rest and relax as it does when we are in deep sleep. In this level of deep relaxation the body can rest, heal and rejuvenate itself.

In this video titled “Why We Sleep”, Dr. Matthew Walker outlines the importance of sleep and the effects of sleep/ sleep deprivation on the brain and body.

If you are interested in Yoga Nidra, your in luck! Our next event on May 25th is a Council + Yoga Nidra. See our event page for more info.

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