Why is connecting to others a challenge at times?

We are wired to connect and live in community. While society continues to grow and change as the result of technology, that basic need of human connection is still present.

With our busy lives, it is often easier to connect via email, text or social media. No computer screen or cell phone can replace this basic need to engage and interact with another person face to face and in realtime.

This TED video titled “Why We’re Bad at Reading People We Just Met,” got us to think about HeartSpace and our mission.

The video states that “[p]eople are bad at reading people they just met.” To us, people simply communicate in the ways they have been socialized or taught. For many, that might have meant, to speak only when you are spoken to, to keep conversations to a (safe) surface level, hide a truth or your truth or maybe even suppress your emotions.

If people suppress their truth or emotions continually, there will be a disconnect with how someone connects and communicates with others.

When we do not give ourselves space to be honest with ourselves and know who we are and what we are feeling, it can be very challenging to understand someone else.

The video suggests that people “bring compassion and an open mind to [their] interactions with others.” We agree with this suggestions and it’s what drives HeartSpace Circle.

We were created to build authentic community. We seek to bridge the gap between disconnection and isolation toward connection and community / team building.

We do this through a practice called Council, which is an age-old cross cultural practice that focuses on intent listening and authentic communication which results in authentic connection, trust, empathy and respect.

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