The Light in the Darkness

Anxious? Stressed? Sacred?

We are all feeling a bit on edge during this uncertain time. Do not think you are alone in a any fear or anxiety that you may be experiencing. We all carry our discomfort and express it differently.

During times of high stress, it can be hard to see the silver lining or find the good in the middle of fear of this pandemic.

There is light in the darkness and it is coming from many of your fellow citizens, people who are in social isolations doing what they can to bring a bit of community, assistance and even happiness.

Here is small list of the good that is emerging in what feels like a long dark tunnel:

Italian Tenor, Maurizio Marchini, serenaded his entire town.


The Met, in New York, which currently dark due to the requirements of mass gatherings meaning, is offering free, nightly opera that will be streamed online.

Scholastic is offering free online courses.

Each day is has four different learning experiences for kids.

Luxory perfume companies are making free hand sanitizer.

Some yoga studios having classes and meditation of Facebook live.

A teacher in my community is offering online assistance to isolated students that may need help with homework during school closings.

Some people are offering to baby sit kids for parents who can not stay home from work based on the nature of their work.

As the days go on, more and more people will be a light and offer what they can in the way that they can.

All of the above points to how much we need each other and how we can only get through this together.

In moments of darkness, there is always light and perhaps the light that we need is only the light that you can bring.

Stay strong. Stay together.

With love – Stephanie Marie

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