Virtual Wellness Series

This time in our lives is a huge adjustment for all of us.

Many of us may are getting into a routine or finding our routine changing daily. As challenging as it can be to maintain a routine it can be even more challenging to maintain focus, be present or rest.

While our busy lives are now confined to the home, it’s important to take time for yourself now more than ever to rest and pause.

Community and connection is needed now more than ever.


We have something for everyone.

You can start or continue your meditation or yoga practice. Or engage in authentic communication though our Virtual Council event.

All events range from 30 minutes to 1 hour to give you enough time to pause and get back to caring for your family, if you live in a multi-generational household.

See the list of events, dates and details below.

Join us for a VIRTUAL morning meditation.

Everyone is welcome from those new to meditation or the experienced yogi’s or mediators.

DISCLAIMER: Do not meditate while driving or operating machinery.



Join us for a digital council.

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