Courage to Feel

“Emotions are data,” Dr. Susan David stated in her Ted Talk.

She is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School where she researched Emotional Agility and wrote a book on the subject.

Emotional Agility is the ability to navigate life’s tough emotions and accept them.

When emotions are denied, they not only become amplified overtime, but she points out that they eventually come out.

Her “research shows that, ‘the radical acceptance of all our emotions, even the messy, difficult ones is the cornerstone to resilience, thriving, and true, authentic happiness.'”

Council, an event that HeartSpace Circle facilitates, is a practice that can helps individuals to better connect to themselves and others.

This heart-based communication practice fosters empathy and trust and creates a space for acceptance of self and others. People are invited to be honest about their experiences, which can include emotional honesty.

If emotional agility is something that you long for or is of interest to you, Council incorporates four intentions that allows participants to be authentic that create the space to build community.

Council is a practice, like meditation or yoga. It’s a space to be real. It is a space to build the courage to be seen before it become the way of being.

When we see ourselves, as we are, we are better able to see others too.

For more information on Council click here or to register for one of our wellness events click here.

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