When do you help someone?

When we are part of a group or team, we cheer on our fellow team mates, chant, or even do a special group gesture or dance.

When you are among co-workers, friends or classmates, how do you act? Have you ever done something, you didn’t want to do? Or say something you didn’t want to say? Have you ever silenced yourself so that you wouldn’t go against the group?

Groups are fascinating. They can get us to cheer each other on and raise each other up, but they can also get us to push others down and say things we may not mean or do things we don’t want to do.

When it comes to helping others, it turns out that a group can have the same level of effect on our ability to help another.

In the video below, by Soul Pancake, learn about the By Standard Effect and a phenomenon known as the Diffusion of Responsibility.

How often have you felt you should help someone but did not? Why did you make that choice?

Think about how often you have thought someone else will help someone in need?

At what times did you wish people helped you but did not? In what ways do you long to be helped?

Heartspace creates a space for us to slow down and reflect on our experiences so that we can choose a different course of action in a future situation.

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