About Us


Our mission is to build community and connection of individuals, groups and teams. We also see to nurture the well-being of each individual who participate in a public or private event.


Our vision is to inspire communities to be healthier and more synergized. A place where people can listen to each other and work together to build a better world.

The way we gather matters because how we gather is how we live. — Priya Paker

We create space for people to connect authentically.

Every community circle or wellness event that we create and lead operates on the foundation and intentions of Council and focuses on building connection or well-being of event participants. Safe “brave” space is create for people to relax and be comfortable so that they can open up and authentically connect to others.

We foster well-being by incorporating wellness tools and techniques like breath work, meditation, guided imagery and gentle stretches.

We foster connection through Council or by incorporating writing, icebreakers, improv games or authentic relating games.

Our mission and desire to build safe spaces led us to launched SOMOS YOGA – Community Yoga for All Body Types . It is our goal to demystify yoga and have an inclusive, safe space for people to practice yoga in community.