Hello, my name is Stephanie Marie aka Stephanie M. Flores. I found my voice in 2013, which changed my life.

That year, I pursued a work life balance which brought me to practice meditation and yoga and study improv. Improv created the space for me to notice my habits: I was always the last on stage, always the last to speak and when I spoke I didn’t say a lot. I wondered what this saying about me in life, how am I showing up this way?

I went to a voice coach, reconnected to my body through breath and body awareness, the same awareness that yoga teaches and found my voice that up to that time, I did not know was hidden. I didn’t know I was hiding.

My goal is help others find their voice, speak their truths, and heal in the ways they need.

For over a year, I searched for community but found it challenging to find authentic people or communities that went deeper than surface level. Overtime I noticed that what I was seeking, others longed for too. My search expanded into a calling to create a space and community for others. I didn’t know where to start or how to start? It was simply a strong desire that would not rest.

One day, I stepped into my first Council practice and I was home.

I practiced various forms of council in high school and college, but this specific form stood out. The intentions of the practice made the difference. I loved the depth of connection, authentic relating and the true community that was fostered. Council helped me gain clarity and notice things in my life that I overlooked. Shortly after my first council, I became a trained facilitator of the practice.

Since HeartSpace was founded, that intentions of council led us to expand our offerings.

We now also lead Somos Yoga (We Are Yoga) – Community Yoga for all body types. I felt drawn to create Somos Yoga to demystify yoga, and create a space where everyone regardless of age, body type or ethnicity feels safe to practice yoga in community.

I am a registered Trauma-Informed 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher, a certified I AM (Integrative Amrit Method) Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator, certified Yin Yoga Teacher. I am also a mindfulness blogger.

I have planned and facilitated one day retreats, youth writing workshops and leadership programs for youth and college students throughout Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our future events.

Certifications and Trainings: Life Coach, Yoga Teacher (RYT), Advanced I AM Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Yin Yoga with Melissa Christensen, Mindful Guided Imagery Facilitator, Trauma Resilience Model (TRM) – Level 1, Trauma Informed Primary Prevention (TIPP), Non-Violent De-Escalation – Level 1, Youth Mental Health First Aid USA, Community Care – Youth Consent and Sexual Harassment Training and a trained facilitator of Council.