Origin Story

“Create a space for others.”

This thought emerged while our founder meditated back in 2017. “How?” She thought to herself.

She mediated on that question for a year. During that time she found herself in places helping friends and strangers process events in their lives or conflicts that resulted from our changing world.

Five months later, she went to what she thought was a group meditation, which turned out to be her first council. As the circle unfolded it echoed earlier community circles she experienced as a teenager and as college student. She knew Council was the answer to her question and meditation.

One month later, she was trained as a facilitator of the practice and led a private circle, but didn’t feel quite ready to lead public circles. In July 2017, conflict and fear grew across the country.

We aren’t a community. We are groups of people living in what by definition we call community. We’re not connected. All these thoughts circled in her mind, she grew increasingly concerned and wanted to help, but felt helpless.

“We need a leader or someone to rise to action,” she thought.

We need to get back to our hearts.

As a trained facilitator of Council, she felt she had a valuable tool that could build bridges and strengthen the community like she witnessed and experienced.

“I can do something,” she told herself, “I can host regular Councils.” In that moment, she knew it was time to create her own circle.

Her simple intention: create space for others to build community and get back to our hearts. What emerged from that intention was our name: HeartSpace Circle.

Heartspace has since grown to include wellness in its offering because the well-being of each individual shapes how we engage with each other.

HeartSpace Circle, LLC.