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Courage to Feel

“Emotions are data,” Dr. Susan David stated in her Ted Talk. She is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School where she researched Emotional Agility and wrote a book on the subject. Emotional Agility is the ability to navigate life’s tough emotions and accept them. When emotions are denied, they not only become amplified … Continue reading Courage to Feel

May Virtual Wellness Series

May is a week away. We are excited to extend our virtual wellness series through May. We have also expanded our offerings. There is something for everyone from yoga to yoga Nidra, meditation to council. We have 2 – 3 events per week. All events are 30 to 60 minutes. All classes are online. All … Continue reading May Virtual Wellness Series

Virtual Wellness Series

This time in our lives is a huge adjustment for all of us. Many of us may are getting into a routine or finding our routine changing daily. As challenging as it can be to maintain a routine it can be even more challenging to maintain focus, be present or rest. While our busy lives … Continue reading Virtual Wellness Series

Building ONLINE Community

HeartSpace Circle was created to build community and authentic connection. When we were founded in 2017, we never thought we would find ourself in a place of avoiding public spaces and group gatherings for public health and safety. During these challenging times, the need for community and connection is more important than ever. HeartSpace Circle … Continue reading Building ONLINE Community


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About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie Marie. I am the founder of HeartSpace Circle. In 2013, I found my voice which led me to start my blog. My goal was to simply practice being vulnerable. Overtime, I found my calling and founded HeartSpace Circle.

On this blog you will find information about mindfulness, wellness and community. If you like what you read, please follow our blog and join our mailing list.

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