The Long Distance Dedication

In the 80’s, Casey Kasem hosted a radio show called American Top 40, which played the songs from the top 40 song list of the week. The show, that aired Sunday mornings, included information about the song or artist and sometimes he would interview an artist directly or play sound bites of a recorded interview.Continue reading “The Long Distance Dedication”

The Simple Act of Listening

I knew that the simple act of listening, in an empathic way, could have a profound effect. – Sophie Andrews One of the intentions of Council Practice is to Listen from the Heart. This beautiful intention, as simple as it sounds, is rarely done. In our day to day lives rarely do we stop whatContinue reading “The Simple Act of Listening”

The Power of ZZZ’s

Tired? Stressed? Having trouble sleeping because you are stressed? At HeartSpace Circle, we know that in our busy world it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves for our own self care, rest or healing. We also know and understand the power of stillness and the importance of being able to calm andContinue reading “The Power of ZZZ’s”