Below is a general description of our standard offerings.

Restorative Connection

Restorative Connection also known as Council is an age-old, cross-cultural practice that brings people came together for candid conversations and restorative connection. This heart-based/ mindful communication practice is based on four intentions, which include: Speak from the Heart and Listen from the Heart. A trained facilitator guides the practice that allows participants to tell stories from their lived experiences.

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Mindful Guided Imagery or Guided Imagery

A form of guided meditation that uses imagery to get participants into a deep state of meditation to gain a new perspective or let go of a limiting thought or habit.

Yoga Nidra

This ancient meditation practice uses breath and body awareness techniques to quiet the mind and bring the body into stillness. The practice is guided by a facilitator and has many benefits to aid anxiety, depression, pain management, mindset, high blood pressure etc. 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3 hours of deep sleep.

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Somos Yoga

Somos Yoga (We Are Yoga) is an inclusive space that demystifies yoga. It is a space where poses are broken down, and participants are empowered to step into various expressions of each pose that feels best to each individual. Hatha Yoga is a slower-paced yoga that uses the breath to hold static poses for a deeper stretch.

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In addition to the above, we also lead special workshops that are focused on a specific topic (like mindset, letting go, self-care etc.) or centered on a season or holiday.

Past workshops have included a friendsgiving, intention setting, and ancestral meditation.