Hello, my name is Stephanie Marie. I found my voice in 2013, which completely change my life and led me to my calling.

To me, my calling is to help others find their voice, speak their truths, share their stories and heal in the ways they need.

For over a year, I searched for community but found it challenging to find authentic people or communities that went deeper than the surface. Overtime I noticed that what I was seeking, others longed for too and my search expanded into a calling to create a space and community for others. I didn’t know where to start or how to start? It was simply a strong desire that would not rest.

One day, I stepped into my first Council practice and I was home.

I practiced various forms of council in high school and college, but this specific form stood out. The intentions of the practice made the difference. I loved the depth of connection, authentic relating and the true community that was fostered. Council helped me gain clarity and notice things in my life that I overlooked. Shortly after my first council, I became a trained facilitator of the practice.

Since HeartSpace was founded, that intentions of council led us to expand our offerings.

We now also lead Somos Yoga (We Are Yoga) – Community Yoga for all body types. I felt drawn to create Somos Yoga to demystify yoga, and create a space where everyone regardless of age, body type or ethnicity feels safe to practice yoga in community.

I am a registered Trauma-Informed 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher, a certified 140hr I AM (Integrative Amrit Method) Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator, certified Yin Yoga Teacher, certified in Level 1 of the Trauma Resilience Model (TRM), certified Youth Mental Health First Aider, certified Trauma Informed Primary Prevention (TIPP) and certified in Level 1 of Non-Violent De-Escalation. I am also a mindfulness blogger.

I have planned and facilitated youth writing workshops, including leadership programs for youth and college students throughout Los Angles, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX.

I look forward to meeting you in one of our public/ private circles or events.



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