Are you STuck? Do you feel like something is missing? Or do you simply WANT A CHANGE, BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START?

Change can be scary. It first can be hard to accept that something in your life is not working and even harder to realize that whatever is not working has been going on for some time.

It’s challenging to take a leap of faith or walk away from what you loved, wanted or wanted to be.

I was worked was living my dream, working in the entertainment industry. I was happy, but work the demands of work left little time for me. I decided to pursue a work-life balance and studied meditation, yoga and improv. My journey to wellness led me to find my voice which changed my life and how I lived.

When you face your fears, your possibilities expand.

Four years later, once I was fully ready, I realized it was time to leave my career and the city I loved, to be in alignment with who I am and my purpose.

I highly recommend working with Stephanie if you are looking for a safe container to release and resolve challenging life situations and/or looking to support emotional resolution.

Sara, Client

My journey and ability to see the potential in others, hold a safe space and listen intently, on top of past experiences in coaching/ mentoring/ advising peers, staff and students, sparked my desire to coach.

I seek to assist clients on their journey toward balance, self care, and a more embodied self.

As a coach I assist clients to honor and define their goal and/or intention. Together we create action steps toward your big vision.

If you are interested in a coaching session, set up a complimentary discovery call.

It’s not about when and how you start,

it’s simply important that you start.

Are you ready for transformation?

Note: If we mutually agree to work together, each session is 1 – 1.5 hours. It is recommended that first time clients to book a series for greater impact.

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