August Events

One of our core beliefs is that a strong community is based on the well being of each individual which is why we offer wellness events.

If you are more irritable, anxious, worried, achy etc. consider leaning into wellness to soften the effects of those states of being and learn tools to calm your body, mind and heart.

All our events are priced between $5 – $20 and include donation based spots too.
Proceeds for all our events go towards future events.

Connection Council for Teachers

The past few months have been unconventional and filled with new levels of stress and challenges.

For teachers there may be a growing sense of anxiety as the school year approaches.

Join us for a special council to connect with fellow teachers in a supportive space.

If this Council reaches capacity, we may have a pop up council later in the month or make this a monthly offering.

Guided Imagery MEDITATION

Start your week off on the right foot with this guided experience to relax, unwind and perhaps gain a new perspective.


The only right way to practice yoga, is to listen to your body.

Somos Yoga (We Are Yoga) is an inclusive space that demystifies yoga.

It is a space were poses are broken down and participants are empowered to step into various expressions of each pose that feels best to each individual.

Hatha Yoga is a slower paced yoga that uses the breath to step into static poses to allows for a deeper stretch.

The first class of the month is donation based.

Yoga NIdra

This ancient meditation practice uses breath and body awareness techniques to quiet the mind and bring the body into stillness.

The practice is guided by a facilitator and has many benefits to aid anxiety, depression, pain management, mindset, high blood pressure etc.

1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3 hours of deep sleep.