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Stephanie Marie Flores, Certified Life Coach

Everyone is on their own journey.

There are times on your journey where life might feel a little off. You feel stuck or want change but don’t know what type of change you desire or what steps to take to make it happen. This desire can awaken in you at anytime.

As you seek a new horizon you don’t have to walk alone. On our journey of growth or self discovery, we meet mentors, teachers or guides that we can turn to for support or guidance. These mentors or teachers or guides come into our life when we need them, at other times we seek them out.

As a coach, I am like a guide. I meet you where you are, note where you want go or grow and we work together to achieve your goal or vision.

If you wish to go further and want assistance on your unique journey, sign up for one on one coaching.

One on One Coaching sessions are longer and more in depth than other services. There is a four session commitment for first time clients.

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I can’t wait to meet you!