About Somos Yoga

Around 2008-2009, I was interested in yoga and very intimidated by it. I had a lot of uncertainties, I didn’t know what type of yoga class to take, the poses looked intimidating, I was afraid I would hurt myself and I had many more questions.

It wasn’t until 2013, when I pursued a work-life balance, that I started my yoga practice. My first class was a gentle yoga class and it was a great place for me to start. Yoga is one of my passions and yoga, breath work and meditation (which are all aspects of yoga) changed my life.

For a few years, I felt called to enroll in yoga teacher training to study yoga at a deeper level, and I found that what kept me from starting yoga years ago, was now keeping me from starting yoga teacher training (YTT). Once I enrolled in YTT, I was immersed in all things yoga and my love for the practice deepened.

I did not feel guided to teach right away, instead I meditated on it. I noticed that as yoga grows in popularity, there is a growing amount of interest, but also misrepresentation and false assumptions about it.

Our social feeds are filled with images of people, in yoga poses that may intimidate some people, keep people away from yoga or assume “yoga is not for me” or “yoga is not for my body/ body type”.

Yoga IS much more than asana (the physical pose). It also includes breath work, meditation, mantra and self study to name few.


It is with that awareness and intention that SOMOS YOGA was born.

SOMOS YOGA translated means “We Are Yoga”. It creates a safe space for anyone to practice yoga. If you are an experienced yogi, new to yoga or curious about it, you are welcome here.