Courage to Feel

“Emotions are data,” Dr. Susan David stated in her Ted Talk. She is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School where she researched Emotional Agility and wrote a book on the subject. Emotional Agility is the ability to navigate life’s tough emotions and accept them. When emotions are denied, they not only become amplifiedContinue reading “Courage to Feel”

How Do You Turn Hardship Into Growth?

HeartSpace was created to build bridges in our community, create a space for people to share their stories and create a space for people to connect face to face and in person. When one person shares a story not only is that story heard, but often times the essence, lesson or theme of a storyContinue reading “How Do You Turn Hardship Into Growth?”


In March, I co-hosted/ facilitated a council in Los Angeles. The theme was sacrifice. We each gave our own definition of the word and shared our own stories of sacrifice. One prompt: Tell us a story about a time when someone made a sacrifice for you. A line of truth that I spoke: I can’tContinue reading “S A C R I F I C E”