Courage to Feel

“Emotions are data,” Dr. Susan David stated in her Ted Talk.

She is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School where she researched Emotional Agility and wrote a book on the subject.

Emotional Agility is the ability to navigate life’s tough emotions and accept them.

When emotions are denied, they not only become amplified overtime, but she points out that they eventually come out.

Her “research shows that, ‘the radical acceptance of all our emotions, even the messy, difficult ones is the cornerstone to resilience, thriving, and true, authentic happiness.'”

Council, an event that HeartSpace Circle facilitates, is a practice that can helps individuals to better connect to themselves and others.

This heart-based communication practice fosters empathy and trust and creates a space for acceptance of self and others. People are invited to be honest about their experiences, which can include emotional honesty.

If emotional agility is something that you long for or is of interest to you, Council incorporates four intentions that allows participants to be authentic that create the space to build community.

Council is a practice, like meditation or yoga. It’s a space to be real. It is a space to build the courage to be seen before it become the way of being.

When we see ourselves, as we are, we are better able to see others too.

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May Virtual Wellness Series

May is a week away.

We are excited to extend our virtual wellness series through May. We have also expanded our offerings.

There is something for everyone from yoga to yoga Nidra, meditation to council.

  • We have 2 – 3 events per week.
  • All events are 30 to 60 minutes.
  • All classes are online.
  • All classes / events are donation based.


Scroll the list of events below.


Join us for a Virtual Morning Meditation.

Start your day and week off with this mini guided experience.

HeartSpace’s Stephanie Marie Flores will facilitate the meditation using guided visualization and breath and awareness techniques.

Everyone is welcome from those new to meditation or the experienced yogi’s or mediators.

DISCLAIMER: Do not meditate while driving or operating machinery.

PRICE: Donations can be made via Square, Venmo @HeartSpaceCircle or via Paypal.


OUR CURRENT WELLNESS SERIES IS DONATION BASED. Donations can be made via Square, Venmo or Paypal.


Join us for a Virtual Council.

About this Event

Council is an age-old cross cultural practice that brings people together, in true community, for candid conversations.

Community is fostered in the practice through four intentions that allow participants to be present, connect and share stories based on a theme. (The theme changes each month which makes council a different experience.)

Guided by HeartSpace’s Stephanie Flores, a trained facilitator of the practice; a safe space is created for mindful communication to unfold.

BENEFITS: building relationships, trust, community, respect etc.

We’ve all had moments when we were a part of a group, and moments when we felt like we were outsiders. Join us as we explore the theme of belonging or lack of belonging.

PRICE: $10 Suggested Donation can be made via Square, Venmo @HeartSpaceCircle or via Paypal.


SPACE IS LIMITED to 12 people. (Depending on the demand we may schedule more for the month of May).

OUR CURRENT WELLNESS SERIES IS DONATION BASED. Donations can be made via Square, Venmo or Paypal.


Join us for a Midweek Mini Stretch.


Our gentle Hatha Stretch (for all body types) will focus on areas of
the body that are most effected by stress or continual sitting.

Variations of poses will be taught to make it accessible for everybody, please listen to your body during your practice.

DISCLAIMER: Modify what you need to and listen to your body. Please back off of any posture if you feel a burning, stabbing or pinching feeling, it means that you went too far in a pose.

Price: Donation can be made via Square, Venmo @HeartSpaceCircle or via Paypal.

OUR CURRENT WELLNESS SERIES IS DONATION BASED. Donations can be made via Square, Venmo or Paypal.


Join us for a Virtual Yoga Nidra.

The Integrative Amrit Method (I AM) Yoga Nidra, also called Yogic Sleep, is an ancient sleep-based meditation technique that allows the mind and body to rest and relax into stillness.

Participants are either seated in chairs or lay on the floor (in shavasana), using blankets and props for added comfort and support.

Participants are guided through a series of breath, body and awareness techniques to move into progressive states of relaxation.

BENEFITS: Science has found that Nidra improves sleep, assists in pain management, smoking cessation and reduces stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, lowers blood pressure and more. It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals 3 hours of deep sleep.

If done in the afternoon, Nidra can boost your energy, or if done in the late evening/ night it can help you wind down for a deep nights rest.

PRICE: $15 Suggested Donation can be made via Square, Venmo @HeartSpaceCircle or via Paypal.


OUR CURRENT WELLNESS SERIES IS DONATION BASED. Donations can be made via Square, Venmo or Paypal.

Virtual Wellness Series

This time in our lives is a huge adjustment for all of us.

Many of us may are getting into a routine or finding our routine changing daily. As challenging as it can be to maintain a routine it can be even more challenging to maintain focus, be present or rest.

While our busy lives are now confined to the home, it’s important to take time for yourself now more than ever to rest and pause.

Community and connection is needed now more than ever.


We have something for everyone.

You can start or continue your meditation or yoga practice. Or engage in authentic communication though our Virtual Council event.

All events range from 30 minutes to 1 hour to give you enough time to pause and get back to caring for your family, if you live in a multi-generational household.

See the list of events, dates and details below.

Join us for a VIRTUAL morning meditation.

Everyone is welcome from those new to meditation or the experienced yogi’s or mediators.

DISCLAIMER: Do not meditate while driving or operating machinery.



Join us for a digital council.

A Culture of Understanding

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.  – Cool Hand Luke

Communication is complex. We receive information from words, tone, inflection, pacing and silence of another. Communication can get tricky when we speak to someone who has a different gender, culture, socio economic status, religion and political affiliation than our own, specifically if we do not consider their cultural identity or identities.

The video below talks about how language shapes how we think. The wisdom in the video can be a foundation not only for our understanding in how people communicate to us, but it can also inform how we receive someone else words and get a glimpse into their world view.

In this day and age it has become pretty common for people to go straight into judgment and assumptions versus listening intently with an open heart. Often times, people avoid or unfriend people who have values that are different from their own.

Avoidance is not the path towards connection, growth or understanding. It just allows the disconnection to continue and grow until there may be an inevitable challenge.

HeartSpace Circle creates a space for people of diverse backgrounds to come together to share stories from their lives. We know people have some level of fear to be seen and heard in the public and know it is also a deep longing for everyone.

Communication is key when it comes to building relationships, community, connection, trust teams and a culture of understanding, we simply need to be willing to try or try again,

Why is connecting to others a challenge at times?

We are wired to connect and live in community. While society continues to grow and change as the result of technology, that basic need of human connection is still present.

With our busy lives, it is often easier to connect via email, text or social media. No computer screen or cell phone can replace this basic need to engage and interact with another person face to face and in realtime.

This TED video titled “Why We’re Bad at Reading People We Just Met,” got us to think about HeartSpace and our mission.

The video states that “[p]eople are bad at reading people they just met.” To us, people simply communicate in the ways they have been socialized or taught. For many, that might have meant, to speak only when you are spoken to, to keep conversations to a (safe) surface level, hide a truth or your truth or maybe even suppress your emotions.

If people suppress their truth or emotions continually, there will be a disconnect with how someone connects and communicates with others.

When we do not give ourselves space to be honest with ourselves and know who we are and what we are feeling, it can be very challenging to understand someone else.

The video suggests that people “bring compassion and an open mind to [their] interactions with others.” We agree with this suggestions and it’s what drives HeartSpace Circle.

We were created to build authentic community. We seek to bridge the gap between disconnection and isolation toward connection and community / team building.

We do this through a practice called Council, which is an age-old cross cultural practice that focuses on intent listening and authentic communication which results in authentic connection, trust, empathy and respect.

If you are interested in one of our future events, please join our mailing list or email us at