Community Connection Hour featured as part of the Social Connection Project

We are happy and excited to announce that Heartspace Circle’s Community Connection Hour was selected for Marsai Martin’s curated collection for Eventbrite’s Social Connection Project. The Social Connection Project is an Eventbrite initiative that is focused on the issue of social isolation and disconnection. “Social connection is essential to our health and wellbeing. When weContinue reading “Community Connection Hour featured as part of the Social Connection Project”

Courage to Feel

“Emotions are data,” Dr. Susan David stated in her Ted Talk. She is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School where she researched Emotional Agility and wrote a book on the subject. Emotional Agility is the ability to navigate life’s tough emotions and accept them. When emotions are denied, they not only become amplifiedContinue reading “Courage to Feel”

A Culture of Understanding

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.  – Cool Hand Luke Communication is complex. We receive information from words, tone, inflection, pacing and silence of another. Communication can get tricky when we speak to someone who has a different gender, culture, socio economic status, religion and political affiliation than our own, specifically if weContinue reading “A Culture of Understanding”