Kirstin C., Somos Yoga Participant

“I love how Stephanie explains the benefits of each movement and how the stretches we hold, relate to how we experience life! The idea that we tend to hold our breath when we stretch and how it relates to how we hold our breath in life when things become stressful. Remembering to breathe through it is important in both! Or, how balancing becomes easier when we focus gently on a spot ahead and how in life we tend to lose balance just as easily when we drop our focus! Love the connections! Also, I love the Cactus Arms! This alternative to holding my arms gives me more strength and forces me to open my chest so I don’t feel inclined to scrunch my shoulders! Love it all! 🙂 “

Debbie A., Yoga Nidra Participant

“This was my first experience doing yoga Nidra. Stephanie did an amazing job guiding us through this meditation. Her voice was calm and soothing and she knew just the right words to say to bring me to a very calm space of just being. The level of relaxation I felt was incredible and the emotional release was powerful. I am eager to experience this again. Thank you so much.”

Jeanine L., Yoga Nidra Participant

“I loved the Yoga Nidra session with Stephanie Marie. Her soothing voice and wonderful guidance took me deeper into my soul than I expected. I’ve lived with insomnia for my adult life and am encouraged by where this practice may take me. Great experience!”

Beth A., Council Participant

“Beautiful afternoon of holding council. When we are open and vulnerable with each other we connect, build trust, and create space of courage and healing.”