Holly P., Meditation & Nidra Participant

 I first tried Heart Space through Amanda Hope Rainbow Angel’s. They were offering Nidra Yoga to parents of Cancer patients. My son is a 5 year old battling Leukemia. After the first session I was hooked. Nidra Yoga is seriously one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. It has helped me tremendously with stress and dealing with my anxiety, and has helped my insomnia as well. Everytime I leave a session I feel a huge weight lifted and renewed and reenergized. Stephanie is truly a blessing to me and she has helped me more than she knows! I always recommend Heart Space sessions to friends because it has definitely been a game changer for me dealing with all that we’re going through. Thank you!

Published by Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie began practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga in 2013. Nine months into her practice, she found her voice and launch her Mindfulness blog, Illuminated Voice. She is a group facilitator, yoga teacher, empowerment coach, and founder of HeartSpace Circle. In her free time, she enjoys taking art classes, listening to music, exploring the city, and spending quality time with loved ones. Stephanie holds a B.A. in Human Communication from Arizona State University and studied improv, acting, filmmaking, and anything related to her passion, human connection. As a blogger Stephanie writes about the importance of vulnerability, listening to your inner voice, honoring yourself, and speaking your truth.