What is Restorative Connection?

Restorative Connection is a council practice. Council is an age-old, cross cultural practice that echoes a time when “the folk” or general people came together in community for candid conversations.

The practice is based on four intentions which include: Speak from the Heart and Listen from the Heart. These intentions create space for participants to practice intent listening also known as holding space and heart based communication, which transform how we listen and speak.

A trained facilitator guides the practice that allow participants to tells stories from their lived experiences.

While the circle encourages communication, silence is also honored.

The benefits of council include building relationships, trust, community, respect, empathy etc.

Why Restorative Connection?

When we sit in council we can experience the best of humanity if only for an hour or two.

We believe world peace is possible and can emerge when we slow down, listen to each other from our hearts and speak from a place of authenticity and love.

Why Now?

We are wired to connect and live in community. While technology is focused on digital connection, we feel more disconnected and isolated than we have in past generations.

When we go out, we witness or experience friends, families, couples, strangers looking down at their phones almost in a trance-like state. Sometimes we look at our phones more than we look or even speak to each other. So often we use our phone as a shield or safety blanket instead of connecting to those around us.

We have become a culture of people that desire true connection, but don’t quite know how to engage with each other, ask for what we need or foster/ nurture authentic communication/ relationships.

Restorative Connection bridges the gap between disconnection and connection.

Beth A.

“Beautiful afternoon of holding council. When we are open and vulnerable with each other we connect, build trust, and create space of courage and healing.”


“I was instantly blown away by the“What a powerful meeting and I feel grateful to have attended. I benefitted.ir sound design and consistency.”


“This is very wonderful. I really appreciate it. It’s very helpful and very good spiritually. I appreciate it.”