What We Do

We believe a healthy community, stems from individuals who have a sense of belonging and well being.

When we are constantly on the move, stressed, or sleep deprived our bodies become sluggish. If we don’t slow down, we will eventually get sick and may even run into long term health concerns. Our level of wellness can even affect us in different ways and effect how we connect to others.

Heartspace leads wellness events that allow you to be still, reflect or connect to others. 

Every community event we create and lead operates on the framework and intentions of Council and is centered around building community and connection.

We foster individual well-being by incorporating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and wellness tools and techniques like breath work, meditation, guided imagery and gentle stretches.

We also offer private sessions and coaching services that allow you to customize your experience and explore a topic of your choice at your own pace.


Our mission is to strengthen community and connection among individuals, groups and teams and promote the individual well being of each person we serve.


Our vision is to build intentional events where people can listen to each other and be inspired to work together to build healthier, more accepting and more synergized communities.