Yoga Nidra Tips for Success

Please review our tips for success graphic, which outlines what to bring, what to wear, how to set up your space, and more.

Example Support

In this photo, focus on how the woman supports her body.

Her head is supported by a bolster. A cushion/pillow or 1-2 folded blankets under the head will also work.

She also has a bolster under her knees to allow for the small of her back to rest. A cushion/pillow or rolled blanket under the knees will also work.

The body temperature drops during Yoga Nidra.

This woman has a blanket over her body, which helps keep the body warm during Nidra.

If you don’t want to place a blanket over the length of your body, you can place a blanket over the belly and feet, which calms the nervous system.